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Is it local storage?
Is it Local Storage? 🤨

There are many ways to store data in the browser. One of them is localStorage. localStorage stores string data in the browser using key. The stored data doesn’t have any expiry time.

Note:- Data stored in either localStorage is specific to the protocol of the page. Ex- if you store user data in, you can not get this data in However, you get the data in

Lets see the localStorage APIs-


ex- localStorage.setItem('myName','Aquib')

setItem is used for storing the item in localStorage. It accepts “key” and “value” in string form.
Here key is myName and the value is Aquib. You can store any data type in localStorage by converting it to string using
JSON.stringify(Any) . Here “Any” can be an object, array etc.

ex- const person = {name:'Aquib',
hobbies:['coding', 'playing', 'eating']}
const personString = JSON.stringify(person) localStorage.setItem('person', personString)

Now the data is stored in the localStorage. You can see it in the developers tool.

open devtools > click Application> click Local Storage (in left)> “get stored data”


ex- const myName = localStorage.getItem('myName')
output- Aquib

const person = localStorage.getItem('person') //person is string
const personJson = JSON.parse(person) //converting person into json
"hobbies": ["coding","playing","eating"]

getItem is used for fetching the item from localStorage.
Use the same key “
myName, person” for fetching data. getItem gives you stored data in string form. To convert stored data into original form, use JSON.parse()


ex- localStorage.removeItem('myName')

const myName = localStorage.getItem('myName') //output- null
const person = localStorage.getItem('person') //output- null

removeItem is used to remove the stored data from localStorage.
Use same key “
myName” and “ person” for removing data. As data is removed, the value of “myName” and “ person” is null.



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